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Membership Loyalty Packages
6 month membership or 12 month membership
Membership Payment: On a monthly basis or Paid in Full
If Monthly, Your Membership dues of $_____ will be due on 1st ___/___/___
Example of Savings… 1 Hr Massage $59.00 … 1 Hr Massage in Loyalty Program $49.00
Purchasing a 6 Month Membership saves $10.00 EVERY VISIT, or $60.00…

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  Cash Discount Program  -Save money at Spa Neo.

We understand that times are tough. Here is how we can help you keep your hard earned money in your pocket. We offer a discount for using cash as your payment method. Credit cards, debit cards, and checks are fine to use, but we are charged a fee for every transaction using those methods. Cash eliminates those fees and cuts out the middle man, so we save money and pass along those savings to you.

See the examples below:
30 Minute Massage….. Reg. Price: $39.00 Cash Price: $35.00
60 Minute Massage….. Reg. Price: $59.00 Cash Price: $55.00
90 Minute Massage….. Reg. Price: $89.00 Cash Price: $85.00
Signature Facial………….Reg. Price: $65.00 Cash price: $60.00